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Sharon Stoned - Outdoor Type

Sharon Stoned w/ Evan Dando - Special Plan

Speed Niggs w/ Evan Dando - Paint It Sweet






Fred Haring - A Prayer for Evan Dando

Blake Babies and Evan Dando on Vocals - Brain Damage

Sharon Stoned - Outdoor Type

Sharon Stoned w/ Evan Dando - Special Plan

Speed Niggs w/ Evan Dando - Paint It Sweet

Entire Shows


December 21, 2000 Radio Show in Amsterdam


October 18, 2000 Brattle Theater - 8pm show


October 18, 2000 Brattle Theater - 10pm show 

Mccabes Guitar Shop 1993

Lemonheads - Suck On This

Evan In Heaven

Squeeze Me Please Me

February 10, 2001 - Village Underground

August 28 1994 and August 22, 1997 - Lowlands

December 20, 2001 - Brussels AB Show

July 4, 1994 -  Chicago, IL

August 23, 1997 - Reading Festival, UK & Tramps, NYC 1996

July 1, 2000 Freedom Fest 2000

March 20,1994 - Kiamesha

Multi-Shows and TV show in 1993

Lemonheads NYC 1996

February 18, 2001 - Glasgow King Tuts  





Evan Dando


Evan Dando and Julianna Hatfield - $1,000 Wedding

Evan Dando - Allison's Starting To Happen (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Baltimore (Acoustic-Omega Studios)

Evan Dando - Baltimore (Live in Edinburgh)

Evan Dando - Being Around (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Better N' You

Evan Dando - Bit Part (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Deep Bottom Cove

Evan Dando - Different Drum (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Down About It (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Down About It (Acoustic, Rare, From Rev105 Radio)

Evan Dando - Divan

Evan Dando & Syd Straw - For Shame Of Doing Wrong

Evan Dando - Frying Pan

Evan Dando - Gold Plated Door (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Hanna & Gabi (Acoustic Omega Studios)

Evan Dando - Home Is Where You're Happy

Evan Dando - Hot Coals

Evan Dando - How Will I Know (Whitney Houston Cover-Acoustic)

Evan Dando - How Will I Know (Whitney Houston Cover-Electric)

Evan Dando - How Much I've Lied

Evan Dando - I Ain't Missing you (With Tom Morgan - JJJ Radio 1992)

Evan Dando - If I Could Talk (Acoustic On Air)

Evan Dando - If I Could Talk (Acoustic Omega Studios)

Evan Dando - Into Your Eyes

Evan Dando - Into Your Arms (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Into Your Arms (Evan's Treasures)

Evan Dando - It's About Time (Acoustic on 120 Minutes)

Evan Dando & Ben Kweller - It's Up To You (WBRU Providence)

Evan Dando - I Wish I Was Him (Live)

Evan Dando - Knowing Me, Knowing You

Evan Dando - Left For Dead (JJJ Radio 1992)

Evan Dando - Losin' My Mind (Omega Acoustic)

Evan Dando & Julianna Hatfield - My Drug Buddy (KCRW Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Night Too Long

Evan Dando & Kirsty McCall - Perfect Day

Evan Dando - Piss Bottle Man

Evan Dando - Ride With Me (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Rudy With A Flashlight

Evan Dando - Shakey Ground (Live)

Evan Dando - Silent Night

Evan Dando - Shame About Ray (Live Y100)

Evan Dando - Skulls

Evan Dando - Tenderfoot (Acoustic-Omega Studios)

Evan Dando - The Ballad Of El Goodo

Evan Dando - The Outdoor Type (Launch 1997)

Evan Dando - The Outdoor Type (Acoustic)

Evan Dando - Will You Still Love Me (Live)



Lemonheads - Balancing Act

Lemonheads - Big Gay Heart (Demo)

Lemonheads - Big Gay Heart (Radio Edit)

Lemonheads -Confetti (Acoustic)

Lemonheads - Confetti (Live)

Lemonheads - Different Drum (Live)

Lemonheads - Different Drum (Studio Version)

Lemonheads - Fade To Black (Acoustic)

Lemonheads - Favorite T (In Session)

Lemonheads - Frank Mills (Live)

Lemonheads - Galveston

Lemonheads - Godflesh Style

Lemonheads - He's On The Beach

Lemonheads - I Don't Want To Go Home

Lemonheads - If I Could Talk (Radio Mix)

Lemonheads - It's A Shame About Ray (Live)

Lemonheads - It's All True (Acoustic)

Lemonheads - Keep On Loving You (REO Speedwagon Cover)

Lemonheads - Learning The Game

Lemonheads - Little Black Egg

Lemonheads - Live Forever (Acoustic-Oasis Cover)

Lemonheads - Losing Your Mind (Acoustic)

Lemonheads - Mallo Cup (Live)

Lemonheads - Miss Otis Regrets

Lemonheads - Mrs. Robinson (Acoustic Full Band)

Lemonheads - My Hero Zero

Lemonheads - Outdoor Type (Remix)

Lemonheads - Paint

Lemonheads - Pin Yr. Heart

Lemonheads - Plaster Caster (Kiss Cover)

Lemonheads - Purple Parrallelogram

Lemonheads - Style (Rick James Acoustic)

Lemonheads - Rudderless (Acoustic)

Lemonheads - Rudderless (Live)

Lemonheads - Seagulls Aren't Free

Lemonheads - Sexual Bryceulidge

Lemonheads - Shaky Ground (Studio Version)

Lemonheads - Step By Step (NKOTB Cover)

Lemonheads - Stove (Acoustic)



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